A Windsor man who pleaded guilty to impersonating a doctor has been handed a jail sentence.

Darko Jovanovich faked being a doctor, promised to help patients get the medical treatment they needed and took money from them.

Justice Lloyd Dean sentenced him to eight months in jail, 24 months of probation. He was also ordered to repay nearly $10,000, plus victim surcharges,  to his victims.

Jovanovich had already served 120 days in jail, which counts for time-and-a-half. He will spend the next two months in jail.

James Heugh is one of the victims. He had a shoulder injury and Jovanovich falsely diagnosed him with Leukemia.
Heugh says it was very stressful...

"He had asked me if I had any family history of any disease in my family and I said Leukemia because my grandmother had passed away from that," Heugh said. "He sighed and said, 'I was hoping you didn't say the L word,' suggesting that's what I was getting."

Slobodan Djuric was tricked out of $6,500. Djuric was told Jovanovich's father had died and he needed money for the funeral.

"I really trusted him. I trusted every single word that he said to me. My wife ...also believe him," Djuric said. "He's fake."

Both the death and funeral were a lie.