A Windsor, Ont., man has been charged after he allegedly posed as a doctor trying to get a desperate family to pay $50,000 for a surgery that would cure their daughter's disorder.

Windsor police spokesperson, Sgt. Matt D’Asti said the accused told the family $50,000 “was a bargain” and allegedly showed the family documentation supporting his claim.

“He made them promises he was going to cure their child,” D’Asti claimed. “This was the ray of hope they were looking for.”

Windsor police claim the phony doctor even gave the girl a physical.

Police would not say how old the girl is or what disorder she has suffered from since birth. Police offered no other details on the family.

D’Asti called the ordeal tragic, upsetting and emotional for the family.

“These were some very, very emotional and very, very tearful interviews,” D’Asti said.

The investigation started with the discovery of a $15,000 payment to a furniture company, which was eventually determined to be to fraudulent.

As part of that investigation, police searched a home in east Windsor, seized the furniture, and returned it to the store.

Later, through interviews conducted during the furniture investigation, police determined the same man was posing as a medical doctor with practising privileges at hospitals in the United States.

During that investigation, officers heard the man had been allegedly telling several people in the city that he was a licensed medical doctor, with affiliations with and practising privileges at hospitals in the U.S. 

D’Asti said police worked with authorities and medical agencies on both sides of the border during the investigation.

“There is nothing to indicate he is a doctor,” D’Asti claimed.

D’Asti said the man was not operating out of an office or clinic.

Investigators believe the 32-year-old suspect may have offered other people medical assistance.

Police are investigating one other case that D’Asti said “could be related.”

“There are people who legitimately believe this man was a practising medical physician,” D’Asti said.

Police are now asking for tips from the public.

The man is charged with half a dozen fraud-related charges, that include:

  • Fraud over $5,000.
  • Two counts of theft under $5,000.
  • Two counts of fraud under $5,000.
  • Attempted fraud over $5,000.
  • Uttering a fraudulent document
  • Forging a trademark.
  • Assault.

Police say the assault stems from the alleged physical.