Pool owners are still feeling the effects of one of the coldest, snowiest winters on record.

Pumps, filters, liners and covers have all been adversely affected by the bitter cold. It's costing people hundreds and keeping pool supply companies busy.

Dan Boow, of LA Pools Inc. in LaSalle, Ont., said the rush of people needing help started in May and has continued into July.

"A lot of them had issues with filters that got cracked because of the cold, because there was still a bit of water left in," Boow said.

Pool owner Randy Pope spent $2,000 on repairs this year.

The heavy snow ruined his pool cover. The snow and water seeped through it and raised the water level in the pool below. It froze and wreaked havoc.

"It was so cold this year the ice expanded and when it froze ... it ruined the liner and pool cover and I had to change all the plumbing out," Pope said.

Pope has owned his above ground pool 10 years. He said he's never seen damage this bad.

Boow has workbench lined with pumps needing repair. He estimates he's repaired 75 pumps so far.

"All from the winter," he said.

If they can't be repaired, new pumps and filters could cost up to $300 each. New pool covers range between $90 and $300.

Pope said given Windsor normally hot and muggy summers, it's worth the cost of owning a pool.

"When you got those hot hot days, it's always nice to have something to cool off with and relax and kick back," he said.

Windsor shattered its snowfall record this winter. It also set record-low temperatures on several days in January.