Road closures will happen along the river.

An estimated one million people will line both sides of the Detroit River to watch the massive Target Fireworks display.

Windsor Police Chief Al Frederick says that many people presents a challenge.

"On an annual basis,it's our biggest night of deployment," he said. "There is no special time off, everyone is here and they're working. 

"Not only that we have a full compliment of our 85 auxiliary officers also working. 

"On a typical day, we get about 200 calls for service, last year we had over 400 911 calls for service on fireworks night."

The chief says a no-alcohol bylaw is in effect and will be enforced which includes searching coolers and backpacks.

Road closures will happen along the river. While they may be a headache, Frederick says they work perfectly.

"Twenty years ago it was 2 a.m. before all the traffic left the downtown core, now it's before midnight," Frederick said. "They really have done a good job working with the city, city buses and that sort of thing, that's the biggest challenge, is moving the people in and out safely. "