Tecumseh deputy mayor Cheryl Hardcastle is pushing for a stamp to honour the First Nations leader after whom the town is named. (Government of Canada) (Government of Canada)

A campaign in Tecumseh to get a commemorative stamp issued in honour of Chief Tecumseh now has the support of Essex County Council.

Council members endorsed a request from Tecumseh council to urge Canada Post to issue a stamp that honours the First Nations leader.

Tecumseh Mayor and deputy county warden Gary McNamara says Chief Tecumseh is a worthy candidate.

"Our namesake is certainly front and centre in terms of the 1812-1813 period and played an extreme role in securing the dominion," McNamara said. "And I think it's appropriate that Canada Post recognize him for the greatness that he was."      McNamara would like to unveil the stamp on the anniversary of Chief Tecumseh's death on Oct. 5, 2013.

Tecumseh deputy mayor Cheryl Hardcastle began pushing for a stamp to honour the First Nations leader after whom the town is named.

Hardcastle says it would be an appropriate tribute to Chief Tecumseh, who was instrumental in the War of 1812.

However, the stamp cannot be created in time for the bicentennial celebration of the war.

"The 2012 stamp program is done. That's finalized. It was done last year," Hardcastle said.

Hardcastle is still encouraging people to write letters to Canada Post to encourage the creation of the stamp in 2013.

"I want to make sure [people] understand that their letter has to go out by the end of this year so that the finalizing of the stamp program for 2013 includes Tecumseh," Hardcastle said.

Hardcastle says the more interest and support shown for the idea, the better the chances of getting a commemorative stamp issued.