Essex County council is moving forward with a plan to establish an agricultural liaison committee to deal with farm related issues.

One issue affecting farmers is the recent storms and the flooding.

Coun. Nelson Santos, also the mayor of Kingsville, says drainage is one issue an agricultural committee could assist farmers with.

He said the flooding and drainage issues "continue to come up frequently."

Gary McNamara, the mayor of Tecumseh, says there are more issues affecting the agricultural industry these days.

They include proposed new food processing regulations and border issues.

He says establishing a committee dealing with agricultural issues makes sense:

"We should look at establishing some type of committee to look at mitigating some of these issues," he said.

The county administration will gather information from groups, such as the conservation authority, economic development corporation and regional chamber of commerce, and report back to council on establishing the liaison committee.

Santos says one used to exist at the county level in the past before it was disbanded.

He says agriculture is an industry that can attract new investment.

Santos hopes a committee can be established before the fall.