Thanksgiving wine

Wine Master Barb Phillip gives you some outstanding and affordable wine pairings for your Thanksgiving dinner. (Facebook )

The Shores of Erie International Wine Festival has received a $62,600 from the federal government in support of its 10th year. 

“Our Government is proud to support organizations that provide opportunities to local artists," said Shelly Glover, Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages. "I congratulate the organizers of this festival for bringing rich cultural experiences to the community and for contributing to the economic vitality of the region.”

The money was given under the Building Communities Through Arts and Heritage program.  

Karen Gyorgy, who heads the festival, said she's thankful for the support. 

"Our festival is an opportunity for citizens to proudly volunteer for their community, and the funding received helps us engage local artists,” said Gyorgy. 

The festival celebrates the heritage of wine growing in Essex. 

The festival will take place from Sept. 4 to Sept. 7 along the banks of the Detroit River at the Fort Malden National Historic. 

There will be something for everyone, including musical performances, dance demonstrations, arts and craft displays, heritage tours, and re-enactments by local artists, artisans and heritage performers.