The Essex Region Conservation Authority has approved its budget for this year.

It totals more than $7.6 million, including an extra $44,000 from the City of Windsor and towns in Essex County.

General manager Richard Wyma said the money will go to continuing the authority's current programs, as well as some additional tree planting.

"We'll be planting another 175,000 trees or so this year alone," he said, "including the 6 millionth tree that we'll be planting as a conservation authority this year, which will be done this fall."

Wyma said the budget also includes money for a renovation and upgrade of the washroom at the Holiday Beach Conservation Area, improvements to the John R. Park Homestead and other projects.

"We're going to be upgrading some of the sites along the Chrysler Canada Greenway, where there's some issues with slope stabilization that need to be done," he said.

To get all of this work done, the levy to municipalities is going up by $44,000, which works out to about 11 cents more per household in Windsor-Essex.