Close to 200 employees will be eligible to retire at Enwin Utilities over the next 10 years. That's more than half the staff.

Enwin says it will use attrition to eliminate more than 40 of those positions.

But there are still not enough skilled trades apprentices to fill the remaining upcoming vacancies.

John Wladarski, vice president of asset management at Enwin, said that through attrition and cuts, many companies did not consider the fact that apprentices in skilled trades need mentors to learn the trade well.

"It was much easier in years past to continue to do what we always had done; replace employees on a one for one basis. When we stopped doing that, we forgot about succession planning, just for a moment," Wladarski said.

Enwin has since launched a longer term plan to train people in more than one job and use more automation.
The goal is to reduce the budget and compensate for the shortage.

"We plan on instituting our single-utility initiative, which will help us get through those times," Wladarski said. "Not only because we're changing our business, but because we are being intelligent about our employee replacements as we go."