An entrepreneurial young Ontarian has found a way to drive from Mississauga to California for almost no cost to himself.

Normally, the website connects people with transportation needs with people willing to help. Often, it's someone who needs their car driven long distances - usually if they have moved cross-country. The driver is given an allotted number of kilometres and cost of gas to make the trip.

Alex Bushell is being paid $600 for his cross country trek. He figures that's enough for his cost of gas and hotel stays.

However, cellphone coverage in the U.S., for example, isn't paid for. Bushell is trying to change that.

He convinced a cellphone company to pay for his phone.

All Bushell has to do in return is blog about his trip and mention the companies by name.

"I don’t like paying for things. What if people sponsored me for costs I incur?" Bushell said. "I told them I’d be glad to talk about them on my blog and slap a logo on my blog."

Bushell will use the online travel blog to document his trip. He'll post notes and geo-tagged photos from his trip.

His trip ends just outside San Francisco, where the car's owner now works.

"People can follow step by step as I cross the United States," he said.

So far, Bushell has invested $12 in the trip. That was the cost of his driver's abstract from the Ontario Ministry of Transportation, which requires from all its drivers.

When it comes to a return trip, is arranging for a car to be driven from L.A. to Vancouver. Bushell will fly home from there.

"Even if I spend a couple hundred dollars of my own money I manage to drive across America for a couple hundred dollars," he said.