The deputy mayor of Amherstburg has asked the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing to appoint an emergency manager for the town.

Ron Sutherland told CBC he has asked the province to send a supervisor to oversee an ongoing audit and that the supervisor manage the administration of Amherstburg.

The OPP's anti-rackets division is already investigating "possible criminal wrong doing" when it comes to the town's finances.

Sutherland said an emergency manager is needed because "the city is moving backwards."

"Everyday there are new revelations," Sutherland said. "We're not acting on anything."

Sutherland's request came as a shock to Mayor Wayne Hurst. He called the move "farcical."

"I was surprised for him to even do that. Understanding, of course, we're an elected body and as such we operate as a body," said Hurst. "To just arbitrarily take it upon himself to send correspondence or whatever he has to the ministry with that request, it's totally out of line as far as I'm concerned."

New chief administrative officer, Mike Phipps, is reviewing all operations and services.

The town is saddled with at least $38 million in debt. There is "not a penny left" the town's reserve fund, Sutherland previously told CBC.