The proposed "mega-hospital" was the subject of much discussion at the Windsor Regional Hospital board meeting last night.

Leaders are already looking for ways to make things run efficiently.

Windsor Regional Hospital president David Musyj said staff at the new hospital need to be on the same page.

"The last thing you want is staff saying this how we did things at Met, an another saying this is how we did things when I was at Dieu," he said. "You can't have that."

Hospital officials plan to find spaces to "block out" the hospital lay-out to plan for the most efficient use of space.

The Managing Obstetrical Risk Efficiently program, another efficiency study, was also on the agenda, and it received positive reviews, according to Dr. Brad Jasey.

"A lot of them see it as a seamless thing. Everyone seems to be speaking the same language, the same attitudes. It's a positive experience for all of them," said the obstetrician at Windsor Regional Hospital.  

Program leader John Tomc said it has really helped.

"If something did go wrong, and you sat in a meeting together, it was all pointing fingers, trying to blame the last person who did something at the very end," he said. "No longer do we do that. We talk about what the system failures were, what were the issues that led to the process so that something in the end happened that way, and we all can try to fix it."