East end man has car totalled by tractor-trailor

A pensioner living in Ford City has had his car totalled by a tractor-trailer that shouldn't have been on his street and there's nothing he can do about it.

Windsor man says trucks are using his street illegally


A pensioner living in Ford City had his car wrecked by a tractor-trailer that shouldn’t have been on his street and there’s nothing he can do about it.

Leonard Gagnier's car was parked outside his home on Richmond Street at the corner of Henry Ford Centre Drive.

He said a 'No Trucks' sign a block away doesn't keep transports from using the street.

Gagnier said the big trucks use Richmond Street three or four times a month on their way to Windsor's Ford Engine Plant and on Monday, one of them hit Gagnier's 1995 Buick Riviera. The initial damage estimate is about $4,000 but Marcel's Collision on Tecumseh Road East has told him it's a write-off.

"I'm distraught about it.  I don’t have coverage on collision with my insurance company, and now I'm out a vehicle," Gagnier said. "I'd like to see the city take care of this matter."

The city told CBC it's only responsible for posting signs.

However, Sgt. Matthew D’asti of Windsor Police Service said if an area such as Richmond and Ford Centre Drive is identified as a problem area the traffic enforcement unit can monitor it and start issuing tickets.

"We would encourage dialogue with everybody in our neighbourhoods to definitely call us if they have concerns regarding this type of activity within our communities," he said.

Gagnier said he has spoken to some of the truck drivers.  They told him their GPS units direct them to the one-thousand block of Henry Ford Centre Drive – the Ford office complex, but receiving is done through a gate on Seminole Street.

Gagnier said a crackdown on trucks is too little too late for him. He was planning on selling his car for $2,000 so he could buy a new one, now that can’t happen.

So with no collision insurance, his only avenue is to try and collect the truck drivers insurance, but he said the chances of finding the truck in question are slim to none.