Power assisted bikes, or e-bikes, can no longer use sidewalks in Windsor. Council passed the motion to ban them last night.

The bikes can still use city trails for the time being. Council will wait for a report on which pathways are safe for e-bikers and pedestrians to share.

Coun. Jo-Anne Gignac said it's all a matter of safety. She said she has heard from people using the trails only to be rattled by an e-bike coming up from behind them.

"When I think of mothers and small children that walk on them every day, I think of a 160-pound e-bike travelling at up to 32 km/hr and a mother walking with her children," Gignac said.

E-bike users told council they want to ride on the trails for safety reasons. They also said there's a need for more bike lanes.

A motion to allow them on all city trails was defeated when the mayor cast a tie-breaking vote. It was replaced by one requesting the administration to report back on which trails are appropriate for e-bike use. The riverfront is one that's expected to be designated safe for both. There would be a speed limit of 10 km/hr imposed.

Roger Marius is an e-bike rider who uses the waterfront trail. He said he can live with the motion.

"Their biggest beef was the weight of e-bikes hitting someone," he said. 

Police will have to consider how to enforce the speed limit.