Windsor city council on Monday will discuss whether e-bikes should be allowed on Windsor's trails.

People have been complaining about e-bikes "sneaking" up on them.

The bikes are quiet and can travel at speeds people say are unsafe for pedestrians on the pathways.

Coun. Jo-Anne Gignac has received her share of complaints.

"Residents were telling me that they operated very quietly. They were startled along the recreational trails," she said. "One woman had actually been struck by one."

Gignac said the province should implement stricter rules on e-bikes.

She said it's an issue that shouldn't be left up to municipalities.

"I'd like the province to re-look at this, and give us a template in terms of how we're supposed to deal with this, and the dollars to support the infrastructure so that e-bike riders and people in automobiles and buses and those on bicycles, we can all travel safely," Gignac said.

E-bike supporters say they shouldn't be discriminated against and that they do follow the rules and regulations.