Drew Dilkens to run for mayor of Windsor

Windsor Ward 1 councillor Drew Dilkens will be running for mayor in the city's Fall municipal election.
One political expert calls Drew Dilkens the first serious candidate for mayor of Windsor. (Katia Augustin/CBC)

Windsor Ward 1 councillor Drew Dilkens will be running for mayor in the city's fall municipal election. 

Dilkens made the announcement Tuesday morning, calling his own leadership style collaborative and analytical.

He has taken a leave of absence from his law practice, but says the personal and professional sacrifices are worth the chance to be Windsor's next mayor. 

"It has been a long time coming," said Dilkens. "Been thinking about it for a long time, and finally able to line everything up in terms of family, friends, and supporters and my career.  It's great to actually be here today and share the high level vision I have."

Lloyd Brown-John, a former University of Windsor Political Science professor said Dilkens is the first serious candidate, who has his own style. 

"Certainly [he's] got the experience, he's certainly got the talent, a lot of background talents," said Brown-John. "I think he'll probably be a good solid candidate. All I can think is that, finally, we got a seriously good candidate running for mayor of the city of Windsor. I think that's very positive."

Dilkens spent 15 years with the Windsor Police Auxiliary working as a staff sergeant. He was also a founding board member for the Canadian Manufacturing Hall of Fame. 

While in council Dilkens has spearheaded the new Tourism Windsor Essex Pelee Island. He's also on several boards including Windsor Airport, EnWin Energy and Essex Windsor Solid Waste Authority. 

"My sense is that Drew Dilkens is probably strong enough to carve his own name in the tree," said Brown-John. "He doesn't have to look like he's a follower of [current Mayor] Eddie Francis. But it will be a tough job to follow Eddie Francis because Eddie Francis was a very, very effective mayor."

Dilkens joins Larry Horwitz, Robin Easterbrook, Timothy Dugdale, Raymond Poisson, Ernie The Baconman and Mike Tessier as mayoral candidates.

Windsor residents head to the polls Oct. 27.