Windsor Mayor Eddie Francis says he can deliver a new marina to the city's downtown waterfront without raising taxes or municipal debt.

He says it's a project he won't give up without a fight.

He says there's no doubt that a new marina is feasible.

He's preparing to lead the battle to make sure it becomes a reality:

"I will be demonstrating to council that it's important to us to continue to have vision. And that vision needs to be demonstrated at the council table," he said.

Francis says a new marina would be good for the city.

"It would add value to the city, to our community. It would certainly generate tourism. It would bring more people to the city and allow them to stop over. I also think it will be a transformative project that will serve as a catalyst for other businesses to follow, spurring investment."

A new marina was first suggested in the Central Riverfront Implementation Plan developed for council 13 years ago.

He says it's been on hold as other projects, including the family aquatic centre now under construction, were built.

The proposed marina would be located along the waterfront, almost in front of the aquatic centre and just west of the art gallery.  

Francis says council has a good track record in delivering projects that don't result in higher taxes or increasing the city's debt.

"I'll do it like I've always done it in the past with all of our projects; do it without your raising taxes, without raising debt, without raiding the reserves and without taking away from any other project," Francis said.

He believes the majority of people will support proposed plans for a new marina.

The mayor and councillors will find out for sure when public meetings will be held later in the year to hear from residents about development on the waterfront lands.