The president of the Downtown Windsor Residents Association says more needs to be done to make the city's core more user friendly for those living there.

Drawing people to the downtown is becoming more of a priority. This year the the Santa Claus parade returned and the construction of the aquatic centre is underway.

Mike Holdsworth suggests brining in a big retail store in an effort to draw people into the core.

"Ideally, what we're looking for from a residents' standpoint is being able to do everything you need to do within a two or three block radius," Holdsworth said.

He would like people to be able to buy groceries, go to the hardware store and buy retail in that radius.

"These are the things that we're pushing for," he said.

Holdsworth said attracting a big retail store will do wonders for the city core.

"We need that destination store put in the middle of downtown Windsor and the businesses will automatically pop up around it," he said.