Windsor residents may soon be asked for their thoughts on a downtown marina.

If Windsor city council approves, you will be asked for your input on changes to the riverfront.

Mayor Eddie Francis supports holding public meetings in each of the 10 wards to get people's views on the Central Riverfront Implementation Plan, which includes a marina.

The plan was approved by council 13 years ago, after many months of consultation.

Francis says it's now time to update and freshen the riverfront plan - perhaps even redraw new concepts.

"The best option is to go out there with the plan, update it, get some new ideas, review what may stand and may not stand and come back to council in time for the 2014 budget session," Francis said.

During the first 13 years of the 25-year-plan, there have been a number of accomplishments, including repairs to the seawalls, construction of the festival plaza, and expansion of the sculpture garden.

The next project could include a marina and pedestrian underpass.

Francis said a marina is not personally important to him, since he doesn't own a boat.

But the mayor said that from a community perspective, it's important in the next step in the progression of the city.

The city already owns the Lakeview Park Marina on the east end.

CBC News asked the mayor if there's a possibility the city could put it up for sale:

"We haven't had anybody new come forward and say they're interested but it's always available," Francis said.

Council will deal with the riverfront issue Sept. 9.