A committee looking at a way to celebrate the closure of Windsor Arena is finding it difficult coming up with specific events.

At its first meeting, held Wednesday, the group discussed a number of possibilities to remember the 90-year-old Barn.

Discussions centred on trying to attract CBC's Hockey Night in Canada personality Don Cherry or Motown legend Stevie Wonder, who performed in the arena as his star power grew in the early years. The committee also talked about getting the Stanley Cup to make an appearance.

Two decisions made were that the ceremony will not include any installation of ice and there will be memorabilia in some form on display.

Coun. Fulvio Valentinis is chairman of the committee:

"The history of Windsor Arena is a very storied one, a very rich one, and it's a very varied history. Yes, it's a hockey arena, but it's been used as much more than that," Valentinis said.

No specific date has been set for the celebratory event, although indications point to early next year.

Plans for the arena include incorporating part of it with aproposal to build a new Catholic Central High School on the site and adjacent land.