The massive fire that destroyed an east-end Dollarama last week will keep neighbouring businesses at the Eastpark Plaza closed for at least another four weeks.

For Ming Wah's Chinese Restaurant, it will be closer to six weeks. The goal is to be open again by Mother's Day.

"We were lucky we didn’t have any fire damage but there’s a lot of smoke damage," restaurant manager Jenny Huang said. "Everyone’s going to try hard to get this down as soon as possible."

Approximately 35 people work at Ming Wah's.

Value Village is also closed. A manager there referred all inquires to a corporate spokesperson.

But shoppers hoping to get into the second-hand superstore said they were told the store remains without water and gas.

"It’s unfortunate it happened. There’s really no time frame on these things," said shopper Len Hilt. "I was just was out seeing what was open and what was not. It seems like there’s really no lights on in any stores."

Other businesses affected include a hair salon, beauty supply store and dental office, which has since temporarily relocated.

And it's not just businesses at Eastpark Plaza affected by the fire.

Lloyd Shepley of Bedell's, the company that supplies food to Ming Wah's, said he will lose $30,000 each month the restaurant is closed.

Several contractors and insurance adjusters were working on site Monday.

The fire started just after 8 p.m. on April 9. Windsor Fire and Rescue's chief fire prevention officer, Lee Tome, previously said the fire started on a shelf about four feet off the ground in the store's southeast corner.

The Ontario fire marshal's office has concluded its on-site investigation but the overall investigation continues.

No one was injured in the fire that Tome said caused an estimated $4 million in damage.