A Windsor city councillor says dogs are running amok at Willistead Park.

Alan Halberstadt is calling for changes at the park after hearing from residents fed up with people who let their dogs run around without leashes.

"I continue to get complaints from the surrounding neighbours of Willistead. The chap I talked to the other day said [he] and his neighbours are going to be putting a petition together to see what can be done with regards to dogs running loose in the park against the bylaw and people who do not pick up the deposits of their dogs," Halberstadt said.

Halberstadt does not prefer banning dogs. He will investigate the possibility of allowing auxiliary police officers issue tickets to irresponsible pet owners in the park.

Meanwhile, improvements are coming to the park.

In particular drainage improvements will be made to the northeast portion of the park, which floods when there's a heavy rainfall.

Events such as Art in the Park can't use that area if it rains.

Mike Clement, the city's manager of parks development, says the work should be done later this summer.

"It gets pretty soggy in some parts of the manor. It's a flat area. The water has nowhere to go to, and so it sits in some places at certain times of the year," Clement said. "So what we plan to do is put a tile drainage system in, as well as some storm sewers, and connect those to the street system. It'll give it a little bit of relief."

The cost of the drainage improvements will come from a $400,000 budget for improvements to the exterior of willistead manor.

"We're going to be doing new pathways and paving. there's an official plan to do the entire park," said Stephen Marshall, chairman of the board at Willistead Manor. "Renovations are underway. We can't get it all done this year."