Local animal welfare organization For the Love of Paws Animal Rescue welcomed four new dogs to Windsor on Sunday.

They came all the way from Beirut, Lebanon.

John Dunn, a coordinator with the organization, welcomed the dogs to Canada at the airport in Montreal.

In an effort to keep costs down, each member of a Lebanese family that was coming to Canada for a wedding brought a dog on the flight. The dogs were then trucked to Windsor.

"There was laughter, there was crying. It really was a moving experience," he said. "To see that these dogs will actually be able to walk down a street and not be shot at, walk down the street and not be stepped on, it was very moving."

Two of the dogs have already found temporary homes.

The four will spend some time in foster care before they find a permanent address. Another four dogs stayed in Ottawa.

Dunn says there are currently 200 animals in the Beirut shelter the dogs came from. He said approximately eight people care for them.

People do try and adopt in Lebanon, Dunn says, but there is a bigger of volume of animals than what the population can deal with.

Dunn says its special knowing "there are a bunch of caring, loving individuals that want to ensure that dogs and cats and other animals have a future."

The mission to Beirut was made possible through donations made by local businesses and the community. The money helped cover the transportation expense to bring the dogs to Windsor.

Dunn says all four dogs in Windsor are medically sound and that, yes, they understand English commands.

And if on the off chance they don't?

"The nice thing about dogs, if you put the plate of food or a treat in front of them, they’re going to listen," he said.