An injured dog whose fate once rested in a DNA test has been adopted.

Coco, a 10-month-old dog, was severely injured in May when she was reported to have jumped and fallen on a brick in her owner's yard.

But, Coco's breed was in question. There was speculation she was a pit bull, a breed banned in Ontario.

So she was swabbed for a DNA test. If tests came back to show she was a pit bull, the puppy would have to be sent out of province.

DNA results showed neither of Coco's parents was purebred. She's part bull dog, part basset hound.

So, instead of being shipped out of Ontario, she was put up for adoption.

But in the end, she was sent out of province anyway. That’s because she wasn’t being adopted in Windsor. So, she was eventually sent to the Nova Scotia shelter that was going to take her if she wasn’t legal in Ontario,

Thursday, the Windsor-Essex Human Society reported she had been adopted there.

The pit bull ban has been in effect in Ontario since 2005.