The chief of staff at Windsor Regional Hospital is concerned about changes to the way medical marijuana is prescribed.

Starting today, Canadians can start asking their doctors to prescribe the drug without having their application get approval through Health Canada.

Dr. Gary Ing thinks the federal authorities moved too quickly and is worried doctors will be on the hook if something goes wrong once the government is eliminated from the process.

"I have a lot of reservations. The federal government is transferring the responsibility to the front line physicians like ourselves," he said.

That's because marjiuana hasn't had to go through the same approval process as other drug and that leaves the question about which dosing amounts are proper for certain conditions.

"The government, they have their own agenda, and they're not willing to listen to the medical authorities," he said. "I'm kind of sad to see this because it really puts the physician in an awkward position, and also compromises the patients who truly need this kind of treatment."

Ing does not even know where patients would get medical marijuana, even if he prescribes it.

And, he has been given no guidelines for how much to prescribe for patients seeking the drug.