Dino Chiodo tells CBC News he can no longer continue as president of the Windsor and District Labour Council.

There are too many other jobs on his plate, and something had to go.

Besides leading the labour council, Chiodo is president of Unifor Local 444, representing Chrysler, casino and other workers in the region.

Chiodo is also chairman of Unifor's Ontario regional council.

"There's a number of things that we focus on and work through. There'll be a  lot of travelling that we'll be getting into or I'll be getting into for sure. There is going to be a tour starting that's going to be starting Jan. 13 and that tour's going to start right here in Windsor, Ontario, and it'll talking about working for less, what the government is trying to do," Chiodo said.

Chiodo said he'll continue to work with the labour council but it won't be as the president.

"I think that there's a lot of good capable strong people in our community that could take over that position and i think do a fantastic job," Chiodo said. "And I think it really promotes the concept of bringing people closer together."

One possible successor to Chiodo is Chris Taylor, president of Unifor Local 200.

He's been a vice president with the labour council for three years:

"It's nothing that I'm going to rule out at this point, but we're going to make sure whatever happens there, the transition will be seamless," Taylor said.

Taylor and Chiodo say labour councils have an important role to play these days, especially with what they see as "attacks" on the labour movement.

Taylor is not sure if he'll have the time to lead the labour council.

He too has new responsibilities as a member of Unifor's Ontario regional council.