The Detroit Tigers begin their season at home Monday afternoon.

Opening Day is a major event, not just for sports fans, but for businesses near the stadium.

They serve double or triple their usual volume as hordes of people hang out downtown.

Patricia McDaniel is a waitress.

"(You) run around crazy, like a chicken with your head cut off," she said. "Everybody is a Tigers fan. Winter is gone, and it's awesome."

Curt Ciaravino runs a sporting goods store blocks away from Comerica Park.

"Sheer madness. It's just wall-to-wall people," said Ciaravino. "Of course, everybody comes down here unprepared, so they're looking for knit hats. They're looking for gloves. It's like Christmas in March. It's a great weekend for us every time."

Drew Valimont has tickets to the game and says he, indeed, spends money on opening day.

"Probably $20 on food, and then you have your souvenirs," he said. "You obviously have to go in and get the new gear for this year, so you get a jersey and you're talking about $100 right there, or a hat's $30 or $40," he said.

Open day excitement isn't lost on those who host the festivities.

Ron Colangelo is the Vice President of Communications for the Detroit Tigers.

"You wake up very early because you can't sleep the night before," said Colangelo. "We have a dynamic team."

Colangelo also said it's a sign of the season.

"It's a holiday for the region," he said. "It's a sign spring is here .. baseball is back ... and summer is around the corner."

The Tigers play the Kansas City Royals.