The Ambassador Bridge company says it needs to demolish houses in order to better maintain the bridge.

The saga of the vacant, boarded up buildings owned by the Ambassador Bridge in Olde Sandwich Towne continues.

A demolition company has applied for demolition permits from the City of Windsor. The company has applied to tear down 44 buildings located outside the heritage conservation district.

The action follows Monday's decision by the property standards committee to change work orders issued by the city to demolition orders. 

The city is appealing that decision.

Lee-Anne Doyle, the Chief Building official says the city is not in a position to issue demolition permits:

"Normally, what happens is, a report goes to council with a recommendation from administration. But their's litigation matters involved here, too," Doyle said. "At this point we'll review the requests and report back accordingly to council.

"At this point, the building department is not a position to issue demolition permits. It has to go through a separate process. It would be premature to issue any permits at this time."

Lawyers for the Ambassador Bridge say the buildings need to be demolished to allow for better access to maintain the bridge.

City officials doubt that. They believe the bridge company wants to turn the site into a truck plaza.