People living in a section of southwest Windsor say deer are running amok in their neighbourhood.

Coun. Drew Dilkens has fielded calls from people who say the animals are destroying their plants and gardens.

"Because deer are fairly strong animals, they can damage a lot of the traditional measures that one would employ to protect plants and vegetables and things like that that they would grow," Dilkens said.

Dilkens has asked city staff to contact the provincial Ministry of Natural Resources for ideas on how to deal with the deer.

Most of the calls are coming from west of Huron Church Road.

Giselle Moussa, who lives in the 5000 block of Malden Road, said deer invade her yard almost every evening.

"They eat the flowers. They eat the tops of the plants," she said."They do that throughout the year. Any time a flower blooms, they eat it. They eat the trees."

Moussa has taken to fencing in her trees and gardens to keep deer away from them.

Dilkens believes construction of the Herb Gray Parkway has cut down on the natural areas available for the deer.