Windsor city councillor Hilary Payne wants to know if it's feasible to build a segregated bicycle lane in the city, much like Ottawa has.

Payne has asked for a report on his proposal, which would involve placing long concrete bumper blocks, which are normally seen in parking lots parallel to the curb of a road.

Payne says that provides a dedicated lane for cyclists which motorists cannot use.

"It's much safer, doesn't interfere with motor vehicle operations and does not cause any problems with emergency response times," Payne said. "And it's got very favourable feedback from both cyclists and motorists in Ottawa.

"I've observed it and it's working very well."

Payne inspected Ottawa's bike lanes while attending a conference in the city recently.

Bicycle lanes opened along Laurier Avenue in Ottawa in 2011.

About 365,000 trips were been logged in the first year, according to figures released by the city. On busy days, nearly 3,000 people use the lanes.