A man who found himself in some hot water for scattering his friend's ashes at the Rogers Centre during a Blue Jays game last week isn't being cleared by police just yet.. 

On Monday, Rob Ouellette told CBC about the run-in he had with Toronto police and stadium security after pouring the ashes of his good friend Joseph Pazner on the turf last week. 

Toronto police tell CBC News they are now conducting tests on the ashes of Rob Ouellette's friend, who died in February 2013. 

Police spokesperson David Hopkinson said they're trying to determine whether the substance that was poured onto the field was actually Pazner's ashes and not something else.  

Hopkinson said depending on test results and how Rogers Centre staff wants to proceed, Ouellette could still face charges.

Ouellette never imagined that scattering some of his friend's ashes at the Rogers Centre would get such a reaction. 

The two men had loved the Blue Jays since they were young kids and Ouellette thought spreading his friend ashes on the former SkyDome field would be a fitting way of honouring his memory — especially at a game against the Detroit Tigers. 

Once he got back to his seat it didn't take long before he was swarmed by security and police, who were trying to figure out if Ouellette had released a dangerous substance. 

Ouellette has also been heckled on social media, with some Blue Jays fans accusing him of putting a curse on the team. 

"Some things are more important than the consequences," Ouellette told CBC News on Monday.