An out-of-work cement truck driver in Ontario spent six hours sculpting snow into a two-metre bust of David Bowie on his front lawn.

Jeff Myer of Leamington, Ont., about a 45-minute drive southeast of Windsor, started the project Wednesday night when the snow started falling and put the finishing touches on it Thursday.

David Bowie Snow Sculpture 2

The Leamington area hasn't seen much snow this winter, so as soon as it started, Jeff Myer went to work, building a two-metre David Bowie. (Jeff Myer/Facebook)

"I was inspired by him. I listened to his music growing up — all my friends did," said the 49-year-old.

Bowie, the iconic and shape-shifting musician, actor and performer died on the weekend, after an 18-month cancer battle.

The head of Bowie, painted as Aladdin Sane, stands taller than Myer in the centre of his lawn.

"My neighbour loves it," he said.

Myer used spray paint and food colouring to give Bowie blonde hair and makeup.

David Bowie Sculpture 3

Jeff Myer used spray paint and food colouring for the makeup on his Ziggy Stardust made of snow. (Jeff Myer/Facebook)

He said he never pursued art as a career but wishes he had.

"I'm a cement truck driver, so I'm laid off in the winter and have a lot of time," he said.

It's not the first time Myer has built large snow sculptures in his yard. Last year, when the region was battered with snow all winter, he built football helmets during the Super Bowl, a 1959 Corvette and a Chinook Helicopter.

He lives near a pair of elementary school, so he has a lot of fans of his work.

"I'm always making stuff. The kids get a kick out of it," he said.