Dave Brister has been dumped as the PC candidate in the riding of Essex.

Brister said party leader Tim Hudak cut him loose because of his position on right to work legislation. Brister does not support it.

He recently criticized Hudak on his position on right-to-work legislation.

Brister said he was asked to recant his position. He won't.

"I had two individuals came down from Toronto on Monday, to my office. They informed me I had options. I could either recant my position and retain my candidacy. If I did not retract my comments, I'd be expelled," Brister said. "I told them I'm simply not going to recant my position. I believe it's the correct position."

Brister said such legislation would lead to lower wages.

In a media release, Hudak called Brister's comments "unacceptable to the Ontario PC Party."

"Ontario needs jobs and no obstacle will stand in the way of our efforts to put this province on the path to prosperity," Hudak said in announcing Brister's removal.

Brister said the move is something he never expected.

The former Windsor councillor, who now lives in Kingsville, said he has no plans to run for government office in the county or city.