A Windsor property owner has until Monday to make sure a building at University and Josephine avenues is structurally secure.

The work order comes after a second roof collapse at the property.

It calls for the back wall to be braced and a fence to be erected around the property.

Neighbour Ali Bukhari wants the fence up.

"It's kind of scary. I have a workout bench set up in the back, so I'm usually out there working out, so it's pretty scary," he said.

A previous order was filed three weeks ago and asked for an engineer to assess the building. That wasn't done.

Lee Anne Doyle, the city's chief building officer, says there have been several complaints against the property.

"When you see a pattern of these types, that's when we have to accelerate and make sure there are penalties for lack of compliance with building regulations," she said.

If the owner does not follow through, Doyle says they could face charges.

The City could also do the work and add the cost to the owner's property taxes.

"There has to be some incentive for people to understand that this is serious. There are consequences to actions," Doyle said. "We're not just dealing with individual property, we're dealing with [and] making sure there's public safety and making sure there's attractive neighbourhoods."