A demolition scene has become a bit of a local attraction in downtown Essex.

Heavy equipment is taking down the old Michael's department store on Talbot Street.

The town owns the building and council decided tearing it down was the best way to solve the problem of a crumbling wall, a piece of which fell off the exterior earlier this month.

Part of Talbot Street was closed to traffic as demolition crews tore down the building.

Wayne Moyneur, a long-time Essex resident, was on hand to witness some of the demolition.

"I think it was unsafe. There's quite a few in town in that bracket. I think they made a good decision," he said.

Town council opted for demolition because the crumbling building was deemed a safety hazard and would cost too much to renovate.

"I don't know what they're going to put there. A nice picnic area would be nice, grass and trees in between the two buildings," he said. "I don't know what else they're going to build there, but that would be nice."

A restaurant and another adjoining business will remain closed until demolition is finished.

The demolition will cost about $150,000 and take about two weeks.