A west-end property owner has not complied with a city work order that called for a collapsing building to be secured.

The roof of the building at the corner of University Avenue West and Josephine Avenue collapsed July 8.

The city ordered the owner to brace the wall and fence the property. The city even extended the deadline by a day, but nothing's been done.

"Unfortunately at this time she hasn't been able to provide us with any information that she's going to secure the building on her own," Rob Bani, the city's manager of inspections said of the property owner.

That means the city will take over the work and bill the owner for the work or add the cost to her property taxes.

Some people living in the neighbourhood say the city should be doing more to get the building fixed or it should just come down all together.

Sayed Ali Emran Bukhari, who lives in the house right next door, moved to Canada from Pakistan a week and a half ago to study engineering at University of Windsor.

He said living next to a building like this reminds him of the poverty at home.

"I feel like I'm in a third world country, something like that, because back there in Pakistan, we have such things over there," he said.

Bukhari can't help but fear something bad may happen at any minute. 

"Whenever I'm washing my dishes in the kitchen I just look at the building and I feel like it might just collapse right now," Bukhari said.