Crimes occur even at Christmas, say Windsor Police

When Tina Neudorf came home Christmas Day, she immediately noticed something was wrong.

Windsor Police responded to shootings, break-ins over Christmas holidays

Windsor house pierced by bullet over Christmas holidays.

When Tina Neudorf came home Christmas Day, she immediately noticed something was wrong.

"I approached the back gate and noticed there were footsteps and tracks that were not mine," she said.

Those footsteps led to a side window where the screen was popped out. Small pieces of police tape show where fingerprints were left behind.

Neudorf was shocked at what these robbers took inside.

"People have donated food to me, but that was completely emptied," she said.

The suspect also took hairsprays, shampoo and nail polish from from her bathroom cupboard.

Rooms were ransacked and a TV and other electronics were taken.

Neudof said she cried after seeing her tree.

"I had at least 20 to 30 presents under the tree (my) eight nieces and nephews," she said. "My boyfriend has four children and he had brought stuff here for his children as well."

Windsor Police say there are robberies daily and holiday thefts aren't uncommon.

"These ... are a crimes of opportunity, where people discover that there's nobody home and they may able to find a window they can pry open or gain entry into a residence," said Sgt. Matthew D'Asti. "That's exactly what we're looking at here with this incidence as well."

But, Tina Neudorf said she's afraid to go to bed at night and she doesn't feel safe.

"What I'd want to say to them is, 'I hope you're desperate to break into somebody's home to take this and it's not out of greed, but you were desperate,'" she said.

Neudorf says she forgives the perpetrators and is only hoping to get back a locket given to her from her grandmother and grandfather.  

"That's mine, my memory,  my personal thing and they stole that from me," she said, vowing to check pawn shops and the Internet for the items.

Windsor Police are still investigating and ask anyone with information to contact them.

Police called to robbery at grocery store

Robberies were also a hot call for police over the holiday week.

Police were called to a sophisticated break-in at the Metro grocery store at Central Mall on Tecumseh Road on Christmas Day at 4 p.m.

An employee discovered the break-in when he was there doing routine maintenance.

"Phone lines were cut to compromise the alarm system ... the rear door was pried and that's how entry was made in to the business," said Sgt. Matthew D'Asti.

"Additional lines were cut within the business that led to audible sirens within the ceiling of the business," he said. "Once the suspect or suspects were inside, they made their way into the office area."

It is not yet known how much cash was taken from the office.

Gunshots heard in west Windsor

Windsor Police are also investigating gun shots that rang out in west Windsor just after 3 a.m. Friday.

Police were called to College Avenue and Campbell Avenue after residents heard gunshots.

Shots were also heard in the early hours of the morning two blocks away near Rooney and McKay streets.

At that location a house was hit with what is suspected to be a bullet.

The chaos was loud enough to wake people who lived near by, including Tom Colley.

"Within a minute our block was swarming with police. There was a couple shells found behind where you're standing and more shells found about a hundred yards from us," said Colley. "The corner of this house was hit."

Residents say this is uncommon for their neighbourhood.

Windsor Police say they don't have any suspects yet.