Windsor Police and other city partners will try to root out trouble at a downtown apartment building owned by the city.

Police said they have received 107 emergency calls from 920 Ouellette Ave. since January.

The high-rise is owned by the city and managed by the housing corporation. Many residents say they're living in fear.

Carol Noviss lives in the building and said it's about time someone does something:

"We can't wait anymore. This is terrible. Somebody's going to die and it won't be somebody that causes the friction. It's probably going to be an innocent person," Noviss said. "We need help and we need it fast we can't wait a week we can't wait a couple of days we need it done now."

Police have dealt with threats, fights, noise complaints, property damage and other incidents.

Some residents said there is also drug problem in the building.

Earlier this week, there was a minor stabbing over cigarettes.

Mayor Eddie Francis said all this has to stop before there's a major incident.

Acting police chief Al Frederick said the clean-up program will be dramatic, right from the start.

"We're going to respond with significant resources — human and otherwise," Frederick said. "And we're going to get a handle on what the nature of the problem is."

The complex used to be a seniors' building. Now, many of the 500 people staying there are transients, who move out every 18 to 24 months, according to the mayor.

Frederick said people will see uniformed officers at the site — some undercover officers if need be.

Francis said enough is enough; it's zero tolerance now.

"We're going to ensure that we restore that building to the state it was once in where people don't have to live in fear," he said.