Essex County council is demanding the province call an emergency meeting to deal with transportation problems affecting Pelee Island.

Both ferries — the Jiimaan and much smaller Pelee Islander — have been out of service for weeks.

Kingsville Mayor Nelson Santos said the service disruption is creating problems for farmers, business owners and tourism.

"It's time to step up the efforts to provide an alternate service. The current temporary fix and patch is definitely not working for our communities and I believe we need to step up our voice and comment on the true impacts."

Planes have been servicing the island during the ferry shortage.

Leamington Mayor John Paterson said it's unacceptable to have both ferries in dry dock for weeks on end at this time of year.

The Jiimaan had a mechanical problem and the Pelee Islander was in dry dock for scheduled maintenance.

"How do you quantify how this has affected ... the islanders — especially the farmers over there? They cannot get their crops planted and this is totally devastating something has to be done," Paterson said. "This is just a mess."

The Pelee Islander's overhaul is now complete. The latest estimate is that it will be ready to go by Friday.