Essex County councillors voted unanimously Wednesday night to commit $2 million toward a Hospice satellite campus in Leamington.

Statistics show the number of county residents using the existing Hospice residential village in Windsor has grown from 25 to 42 per cent.

Carole Derbyshire, the executive director of Hospice, says a satellite campus is needed in the county.

Last year, the Hospice residential village in Windsor provided care for 1,700 patients with 682 of them from the county.

The Erie Shores satellite campus in Leamington will have 10 beds.

A campaign to raise $6 million to help fund the project starts next month.

Cole Cacciavillani is co-chairman of the fundraising committee and optimistic, especially now that county council is on board.

"We'll use this as our platform to go forward. We have already unsolicited funds, and we're so happy that the community is stepping forward without even a launch, so now we'll do the launch around this," he said.

The construction plan is described as ambitious.

Work on the satellite campus is to start in July and be finished in November.

Cheryl Deter will be the director of the new campus. She says county council's support is a big boost for the project.

"I'm just ecstatic. This is something our community has needed for so long, and the numbers don't lie," she said. "They tell the story that in the county, we really don't have another option to go, except to be back into Windsor when things don't go well at home."

Hospice provides care for people in the final stages of life.

The Leamington facility will be near the hospital.

One thing county council still has to work out is exactly where the money will come from over the next 10 years.