Council to vote on Maghnieh's punishment tonight

Windsor city council decides Monday night whether Al Maghnieh has been punished enough for his misuse of a library credit card.
While Coun. Al Maghnieh was chairman of the library board, he used the card for personal expenses totalling more than $13,000, which he repaid. (CBC)

Windsor city council decides Monday night whether Coun. Al Maghnieh has been punished enough for his misuse of a library credit card.

There could be a further reprimand for the Ward 10 councillor, one that will cost him some cash.

A recent report from the city's integrity commissioner, Bruce Ellman, found Maghnieh should face sanctions for violating the municipal code of conduct.

Ellman said Maghnieh "knowingly and recklessly" disregarded the library board's rules.

While he was chairman of the board, Maghnieh used the card for personal expenses.

He has repaid the entire amount totalling more than $13,000.

In the spring, council decided to remove Maghnieh from the committees, boards and agencies he sat on.

But Ellman is also recommending the politician be handed a 45-day suspension of pay.

Maghnieh should be ordered to reimburse council $3,300, he said, which is the amount he received during the first quarter of the year while sitting on the different groups.

Ellman recommends Maghnieh be allowed to serve on boards and committees again starting Jan. 1.

As far as Councillor Fulvio Valentinis is concerned Maghnieh's privileges will be a key issue.

"I guess council has the option you know to say that's not the case and impose a longer period if they so choose," said Valentinis.

Valentinis said he's leaning towards reinstating Maghnieh and letting the voters decide his fate as a councillor in the next election in 2014.