Several roads throughout Windsor are going to receive some improvements.

Councillors have drawn up a list of projects on which they want to spend the $1 million each has been allocated for their respective wards.

Most of the more than $10 will be directed to road reconstruction projects.

Ward 10 Councillor Al Maghnieh wants his $1-million share to be spent on improving Northwood Street between Dandurand Avenue and South Cameron.

He describes it as the worst road in his ward. He says it's damaging people's vehicles.

"It cannot wait anymore. This is an emergency road that needs to be improved," Maghnieh said.

Besides street improvement projects, Councillor Ron Jones says $200,000 of his share of the funding be used to make Ward 2 more handicap accessible with ramps and curb cuts.

"All of Ward 2 will be handicap accessible," he said.

Should council give it's approval next week, the administration will issue tenders for the different projects.

The work would be done this year and in 2014.