Windsor city council cancelled its meeting Tuesday night.

The decision was made in light of the massive plastics fire at the recycling centre on Sprucewood Avenue.

Mayor Eddie Francis and several of the administrative officials had duties in the emergency operations centre while firefighters fought the blaze.

Coun. Hilary Payne was the acting mayor as Francis tended to duties at the emergency operations centre:

"This is very unusual and we apologize for the inconvenience in your coming down here unnecessarily, but we really had no choice in the matter because of this large fire that's taking place and our various personnel are tied up at that location right now," Payne said at council chambers last night.

City clerk Valerie Critchley says it's unknown at this time when the meeting will be made up.

"We're not clear when those items will be reschedule. Certainly, when they are reschedule, due notice will be given," Critchley said. "Anyone who was registered to be a delegation will be notified."