A pool proposal by a Windsor city councillor sunk like a stone Monday night.

Coun. Percy Hatfield was interested in the possibility of setting up a floating public swimming pool on the riverfront downtown.

He says some places are filling hollowed-out barges, like the kind that float up and down the Detroit River, with clean water to allow people to swim during hot, humid summer days.

"Maybe if we ever build a new marina downtown, we could have a swimming barge there," Hatfield says.

Hatfield says it could be very popular and inspire floating restaurants. He says it can be "a huge boost to tourism."

"This was given to me, by the way, by one of my constituents," Hatfield says.

He wanted to receive from staff a report on the cost and feasibility of a bathing or a swimming barge similar to those now being installed in several European cities.

Fellow councillors turned it down.