Coun. Alan Halbertstadt will not seek re-election come fall.

The councillor who once described himself as the lone wolf of city council will not run again in Ward 4.

At age 67, Halberstadt says the workload of a councillor is too great.

"I don't have the energy I had in the past, especially for four more years," Halberstadt said. "If it was a year or two it would be different. But four more, I'd be in my seventies by the end of the term."

Halberstadt has been one of the more outspoken councillors since first being elected in 1997.

He often clashed with Mayor Eddie Francis, who is not seeking re-election in the October municipal election.

In 2011 Halberstadt hinted that this might be his last term as a Windsor city councillor.

"Debate seems to be muffled. I guess there are several reasons for the that," Halberstadt told CBC Windsor at the time.

"It doesn't seem to be the same vigorous debating chamber it used to be.

"I think there is a bit of a democracy deficit there."

Halberstadt is the latest councillor to publicly state his intentions.

Ward 3 councillor Fulvio Valentinis, will not seek re-election and will instead run for a seat on the Catholic school board.

Ron Jones, the Ward 2 councillor, also called it a career last week.

Ward 8 councillor Bill Marra will run for re-election, but not for mayor as some first thought.

Halberstadt hopes some of the new faces will fill the role he has played on council.

"I would hope there would be one or two, or even more, that step forward that, maybe, could fill a watchdog role, a conscience of council role, that I've tried to do," Halberstadt said.

Halberstadt says he is considering running to be a trustee with the public school board.