As Windsor road construction digs in for the summer, work throughout the city is causing some traffic nightmares for commuters.

Nicholas Thibert commutes from Windsor to Patillo Road every day. He says the construction projects have added a half an hour to his trip.

"It's very frustrating," he said. "It gets congested at both intersections at County Road 42 and at the EC Row Expressway. Now I have to find a different route home."

Minimizing commuter pain

The city's operations and public works department works with Transit Windsor and Enwin Utilities to plan out the construction season, making every effort to minimize the commuting pain.

Anytime crews restrict lanes on E.C. Row it causes traffic to shift over to Tecumseh Road, explained Dwayne Dawson, executive director of operations for public works.

The expressway is down to two lanes at the Conservation Drive bridge, which is undergoing repairs. Tecumseh road is down to two lanes in two areas. Construction is also beginning at County Road 22 and Manning Road.

Thibert says much of the work should be done at night to minimize the traffic interruptions. The city has considered that option, but noise bylaws and the extra costs may stand in the way. 

Traffic congestion should ease when schools close for summer break," said Dawson. The FCA plant will shut down for two weeks beginning July 10 so that too should take cars off the road.