There were fewer public complaints made about Windsor Police last year.

The latest statistics from the professional standards branch show a 13-per-cent drop, compared to 2012.

Seven people complained about unnecessary use of force by Windsor Police last year. After further investigation, none was found to have any substance.

In total, the professional standards branch looked into 53 complaints against officers in 2013, and none of them were substantiated.

The professional standards branch has of goal of strengthening public confidence in the police.

Police chief Al Frederick is pleased with the stats.

"It's a feedback mechanism. Really that's the way we perceive it, and what it does it gives us an opportunity to do two things; one is to engage the community with whatever their concerns with, that they have with their inter-actions with police, and to address an issue or a training issue or discipline issue with the officer," Frederick said.

The 53 complaints came among 6,000 arrests during the year.

"I am very pleased about of those seven none were substantiated in regards to excessive force or an unlawful arrest, which is extremely pleasing to me," the chief said.