After the Interstate 75 pileup in Detroit claimed the lives of two Windsor children, hundreds of people came together to remember one of the victims.

The family of Aidan Hicks, 7, said the turnout was overwhelming at the fundraising event Thursday night. It was held at Average Joes in east Windsor.

"We have a sense of belonging in Riverside, and people know all their neighbours pretty well," said organizer Art Lesny. "There's just a sense of loss that it could be one of our children, or in my case, one of my grandchildren. It touches very close to home, whether you know the child or do not know the child."

Jody Chartrand went to high school with the father, Paul Hicks.

She said it was an emotional night for everyone.

"Just listening to them talk about their son brought me to tears myself, because I couldn't imagine going through that," said Chartrand. "I couldn't imagine losing either one of my boys."

The boy's mother, Kim Barret, remains in hospital in serious condition.

Aidan's 9-year-old stepsister Gabrielle Greenwood and a man from Detroit also died in the crash.