CBC municipal affairs columnist Cheryl Collier says the biggest unresolved issue facing Windsor at the end of 2013 is unemployment.

"A lot of the municipal policy push has been in trying to make Windsor business friendly, drawing business to the city and trying to increase the opportunities for people to find jobs and move here," she said. "And again, all these things are related, so this really would be the big unresolved issue heading into the new year."

Collier notes that there has been positive movement with the announcement of the cargo hub and Premier Aviation setting up shop at the airport.

"We have seen the cargo hub [and] Premier Aviation at the airport, but not a lot a lot of jobs associated with that," Collier said. "We haven't really made a lot of gains."

She says the airport announcements could pay off but it will be at least five years until judgment can be passed.

Heading into 2014, City Hall observers in Windsor are also wondering whether Mayor Eddie Francis will run again.

Collier admits she doesn't have a good read on it but that Francis is a formidable opponent for anyone who might run against him.

"He's in a really good position. He could jump ship to another level of government. He's accomplished a lot, he's still young, he has a lot of up side," Collier said. "I think people would be open to seeing him run again.

"Whether or not he wins is another issue and we'll have to see who his potential opponents might be in 2014."

The municipal election is set for October.