The local tourism board needs a focus says CBC Windsor's municipal affairs columnist, Cheryl Collier.

She says Tourism Windsor Essex Pelee Island isn't focusing on what makes the region unique.

On its website, for example, the organization lists 19 priorities, including things like bike tourism and agri-tourism.

"The one thing tourism has piggybacked on in the past is the casino. But as casinos are becoming more plentiful, not only in Ontario …  it’s not as unique as attraction as it used to be in the past," Collier said.

Even the tourism board's slogan is unfocussed, Collier said.

"'One region, countless stories,' sounds nice, but it sounds like a lot of other places you might like to visit," Collier said.

Windsor-Essex doesn't have one destination attraction, like Niagara Falls, for example.

"You need to package the diverse attractions you have in ways that make the area look unique and make it a destination," Collier said.

She said focusing on Caesars Windsor and wineries together might be a good idea.

"It’s about how you package and market specific and unique things," Collier said.

However, Collier said tourism pitches and planning between the city and county "has not been a natural fit."

Collier said the idea of sports tourism isn't a solution.

"Sports tourism is a whole other area of tourism and it’s not helping define this area as unique," she said.

Cheryl Collier is a professor of political science at the University of Windsor. She can be be heard on the Early Shift with Tony Doucette at 8:14 a.m. on Mondays. Tune in to 97.5 FM or listen live online at

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